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5 min readJun 27, 2022

Very often leading crypto projects update and redefine how their protocol works to bring the needful value to their ecosystems.

While cryptocurrency has gained more adaptation in recent years, volatility has led to the loss of billions of investors’ savings.

While investors tend to bet on leading blockchains like Ethereum, they forgot that these blockchains are mere projects that provide the needed platform for real-world innovation and adaptation.

Without the needed innovative applications these blockchains lack value and are subject to high volatility. As such we tend to see the continuous update on blockchains as they fight for relevance and flexibility so that project owners can build on them.

NerveFlux is using innovation to solve a real-life problem that spans two sectors; Cryptocurrency and Real Estate.

While cryptocurrency enjoys the immediate benefit of technology, Real Estate is different due to governmental laws and regulations.

At NerveFlux we understand the role and importance of bureaucracy. We know exactly how to bridge the gap between crypto and real estate while adhering to governmental standards.

While the price of the Nerve token has gone down within its first four months of launch, we indeed felt bad as our early investors have lost a lot to volatility. We think every crypto lover should take this opportunity as an advantage to buy into the future of crypto(NerveFlux).

Aside from the fact that NerveFlux is yet to be known by the big players, below, you will find some reasons why you should invest in NerveFlux today before it is too late.

Burning: Nerve Token has a 200 million maximum supply of which over 15 million have been sent to the dead address(burnt). We are happy to announce to you that we now have a timeline to burn 85 million Nerve tokens over the next 5 years.

Proposed Burn dates:

5 million 01/09/2022

30 million 30/09/2024

50 million 14/01/2027

We choose the above dates because these tokens are presently locked with PinkSale and TrustSwap.

Staking/Farming: At the moment holders of the Nerve Token can stake Nerve and get 70% APY, while they await further development and adaptation of the Nerve token. As Nerve will become a scarce token, we are also happy to announce that Nerve staking will be replaced with farming. Farming will attract higher APY with multiple solutions. Users will stake Nerve and earn other tokens.

Partnership: At NerveFlux we continue to seek favourable partnerships. We are happy to inform you that we have signed a new partnership that will include Nerve in Drover Inu Farm.

Nerve Marketplace: The Nerve ecosystem is built to solve a real problem. Nerve marketplace will provide the needed platform for buying and selling real estate with cryptocurrency. Our innovative approach will solve the volatility issue ensuring that crypto investors, as well as real estate investors, get value for their funds when purchasing or selling real estate at the NerveFlux marketplace.

Using Escrow we will ensure a fraud/scam-free marketplace since real estate involves lots of paperwork.

Metaverse/NFT: While Metaverse is gaining ground in the crypto space, NerveFlux will take advantage of it to create more value and adaption of Nerve tokens. The Nerve will be one of the tokens in the Passivex ecosystem. A project fully backed by NerveFlux SRLS.

Nerve NFT will be given to holders as airdrop(terms and conditions apply), it would not be sold by NerveFlux but will be sellable at the open market or directly at NFT Marketplace.

Airdrop: While we were able to airdrop 10% of the token held by our early investors we believe all Nerve holders deserve the best. We are happy to announce that Passx token will also be airdrop to all Nerve holders. Also, as promised we will airdrop Nerve tokens to all those that took part in some task last year(2021), before the NerveFlux presale. In the nearest future, there will be a further airdrop of NFT (1 NFT for every wallet address and an additional 1 NFT for every 100000 Nerve token held to a maximum of 5 NFT).

In addition, there will be an airdrop of Nerve Governance coin to holders of at least 10000 Nerve Token.

Passivex: Tired of scams or RugPull? Passivex has designed unique ways to give investors an opportunity to invest in projects without being scammed. Passivex is also launching Metaverse NFT platform. Passivex is fully backed by NerveFlux. It is a scarce token with a 10 million maximum supply.

Nerve Governance Coin: Due to the significance of real estate and its bureaucracy, we will have 3 ecosystems backed by 1 company. The Nerve Governance coin will be a utility token that brings these ecosystems together. It will be used for voting and holders will be given incentives for holding this token which will have a maximum supply of 1 million.

Exchange: After listing on two exchanges within weeks of launch, we slow down due to the negative impact we got from the said listings.

We are happy to announce to you that the team will be looking at listing Nerve in LBank, BitMart, and kucoin after the successful release of any of NerveFlux utilities.

Nerve Charity Program: Officially NerveFlux tree planting /preservation begins July 15th, 2022. We will be tagging 30 Acacia trees (indigenous to North America and naturalized in the Piemonte region of Italy and other parts of Europe). This is only the beginning as we will also tag new trees by the end of August 2022 to cover all qualified holders.

Marketing: Marketing is essential in every project. We believe the Nerve token will become something big soon in the crypto space and real estate sector, as we endeavor to use the most effective solutions in our approach and developments. The NerveFlux marketing strategy is aimed at bringing new wallet holders to the NerveFlux community.

We will employ the use of influencers, paid adverts, cross-channel marketing, billboards, and media powerhouses in our campaigns. Marketing is not to be seasonal stuff but a continuous process.

For more information or inquiries kindly contact us directly via mobile at +393510101612 (SMS and WhatsApp only) or using any of our Social Media below.

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