Ecosystem Update: December 2023 Project Report.

3 min readJan 16, 2024

Welcome to 2024, a year with great possibility, development and growth within the NerveFlux ecosystem in particular and the crypto space in general.

As we look forward to Bitcoin halving and the upcoming bull run later in the year or early 2025, the NerveFlux team is relentless in its efforts to take the Nerve(a secure and low-risk according to BSC RED ALARM and HASHDIT) token to the top 100.

Unlike previous years, the NerveFlux team has decided to outline a specific roadmap for 2024 as seen below.

Q1 — Staking: Starting from March 16th (due to ongoing update) the NerveFlux team is happy to unveil two staking options for the year 2024 with 18% and 40% APY for 274 days(16th November 2024) and 366 days (16th February 2025)respectively. Early withdrawal will amount to a zero reward.

BNRV Swapping: After careful consideration in line with governmental policies and ongoing trends, the NerveFlux team has decided to retire the BNRV token. All BNRV holders are advised to send their token to the NerveFlux deployer address and get the exact financial worth of their token in Nerve including any 10% transfer fee that may be deducted by the BNRV Smart Contract.

At the end of the swapping period (16th March to September 30 2024), all previous BNRV holders that swap within the period will get 10% in airdrop based on the swapped token balance in their wallet.

Q2 /Q3— Launch of Multi-Chain Nerve: 20 million Nerve will be allocated to the multi-chain Network. Nerve token will be available on several blockchains without any initial coin offering. There will be two contract addresses for the Nerve token, the current contract address and a new single multi-chain address.

Testing of Escrow Payment System: Officially, during the third quarter NerveFlux Escrow Payment System testing will be initiated.

Q4 - Launch of Escrow Payment System: Due to several updates, which include a multi-chain update, the official launch Escrow Payment System will be in the 4th quarter of 2024. The NerveFlux team is confident that everything is in place to achieve that. The NerveFlux team is certain that this will be the best time to launch.

While we would not be able to make an official announcement until the listing is announced by an exchange, we can at the moment confirm that is our goal to get listed in Kucoin and other top exchanges. Immediately after the Launch of the Escrow Payment System, the NerveFlux team will make an official application to Kucoin and Houbi for the Listing(unfortunately we will not be able to provide more information on this until till official announcement by an exchange) of the Nerve Token.

Token Burn: In the fourth quarter of 2024, there will be the third token burn. The exact amount and date will be announced later. The NerveFlux team is keen to reduce the total supply of Nerve token to 100 million by 2027.

Real Estate Tokenization: After the successful launch of NerveFlux Real Estate Marketplace, the NerveFlux team will be launching its real estate tokenization.

About NerveFlux Marketplace

A decentralized Real Estate Marketplace where investors/users can buy and sell properties with crypto seamlessly. NerveFlux will employ NFT, P2E, Tree planting and Metaverse as its main use case.

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