Ecosystem Update: February 2024 Project Report.

2 min readMar 13, 2024

March is here, and as we edge ahead with the Bullrun, The NerveFlux team looks forward to Bitcoin halving with optimism while they work hard behind the scenes to unleash NerveFlux's full potential in 2024/2025.

Staking: Starting from midnight UTC+1, 16th March 2024, the NerveFlux Staking will go live. Nerve token holders will be able to stake Nerve and earn Nerve over 12 months at 40% APY.

Social media campaign: The NerveFlux team would like to replicate the media campaign that took place in early 2023 leading to a 1700% price hike. Understanding the social media fundamentals is an edge for the NerveFlux team. The great Social media campaign will be unleashed soon. While the team is aware that replicating the result of the previous campaign is not guaranteed, the success of this campaign will certainly depend on the support of NerveFlux holders and the community in general.

Tokenization AI Research: With the current surge in the utilization of AI, the NerveFlux team is researching its use in Tokenization as it looks at partnerships with top AI projects and its use in the upcoming NerveFlux Marketplace.

BNRV Swapping: As mentioned in the previous report, the BNRV token will be retired. To minimize holders' loss snapshots will be taken on 16th March.
Starting from 13th March we urge all BNRV holders to swap their token to Nerve and enjoy sustainable growth in the NerveFlux ecosystem. Token swap can be done directly on Pancakeswap. There is no need to send to the deployer address. All associated taxes will be removed making BNRV 0% TAX starting from 13th March 2024.

After several consultations and evaluation, the NerveFlux team has decided that all holders that swapped to Nerve token, stake or hold in their private wallet till September will get an airdrop worth 20% of the swapped token. It is interesting to know that swapping BNRV for Nerve could yield rewards of up to 60% cashback.

Partnership/ collaboration: High-profile negotiations are ongoing with prospective partners. The NerveFlux team hope to make a big partnership announcement later in the year.

Development: Behind-the-scenes research and development is ongoing to unveil an effective and the most innovative marketplace in the industry. The NerveFlux team is working with third-party developers to achieve its strategic goals.

Buying NerveFlux: Swapping Nerve token has been made easier. You can swap Nerve directly from your Metamask Wallet. It is one touch using the swap button.

About NerveFlux Marketplace

A decentralized Real Estate Marketplace where investors/users can buy and sell properties with crypto seamlessly. NerveFlux will employ NFT, P2E, Tree planting and Metaverse as its main use case.

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