Ecosystem Update: October 2023 Project Report.

3 min readNov 4, 2023

After a long wait we are happy to share the October update while pledging to a culture of monthly updates. The crypto market seems to be moving in the right direction, NerveFlux team has been working behind the scene all through this bear market. In this month’s update we will take a look at the following:-

  1. Development: Development has never been an easy topic. With the regulatory measures in place and the constantly changing regulatory environment, we have been forced to make constant adjustments and changes to ensure we can deliver the proposed innovative marketplace. The NerveFlux Escrow Payment System(NEPS) which is a subset of the NerveFlux Real Estate Marketplace will future two tokens at the initial stage. The Nerve and BNRV token can be used as a choice of payment by any user or in any existing website that integrates the NerveFlux Escrow Payment System.

We are happy to inform you snapshots of the upcoming NEPS will be released on the 16th of November 2023.

2. Nerve token: The NerveFlux team believes the Nerve token will become more valuable over the coming months/years with the utilities being developed. The Nerve token has remained reasonably stable during the bear market compared to other well-known tokens or coins. We are currently working to increase the volume and wallet holders of the Nerve token.

3. BNRV token: Unfortunately, the BNRV token price has dropped significantly due to many factors which include distribution of private sale tokens. We are happy to inform you that private sale token has been distributed.
The NerveFlux team is working to increase volume and create value for the NerveFlux ecosystem and BNRV token. Once the desired volume is achieved the team will reapply for the listing on CoinMarketCap. CMC listing may be late but rest assured when it happens it will completely change the BNRV price trend.

4. HashDit / Dex RED ALARM High-Risk Warning: A few months ago, the uptrend of over 1700% that was seen in theNerveFlux token was cut short by the HashDit warning which was completely inaccurate. HashDit claimed that the NerveFlux Smart Contract contains a blacklist clause and tax can be modified, it is interesting to note that the NerveFlux Smart contract was renounced ( 2022. NerveFlux Team can not modify Smart owned by the dead wallet.

We are happy that the issue has been resolved. NerveFlux is now a Low-Risk token.

5. Hacking-Related issues: Another setback was the hacking of our official website. As of today, we are happy to announce that the NerveFlux team has complete control of its official website. Also, we are happy that that no staked token was lost to the hackers even though we have enough reason to believe that was their target.

Finally, we want to remind the community that no project can be successful without the support of the community, we request all community members and investors to follow, like and give positive feedback on all our social media including CoinMarketCap.

About NerveFlux Marketplace

A decentralized Real Estate Marketplace where investors/users can buy and sell properties with crypto seamlessly. NerveFlux will employ NFT, P2E, Tree planting and Metaverse as it main use case.

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