NerveFlux — The Future of Real estate with Cryptocurrency

4 min readMay 30, 2022


The invention of blockchain technology has led to the development of several decentralized digital assets. Among those, cryptocurrency is the leading trend. Cryptocurrencies are numerous and serve many purposes. While cryptocurrency has been around for decades, and while a large number of people invest in cryptocurrency, it still is not widely used in the market. For instance, there is no tangible way to invest in real estate with cryptocurrency up to this day. Moreover, real estate agencies demand to be paid with fiat currency, and crypto investors and holders are obligated to convert their crypto into fiat in order to make the purchase.

We are based in Italy, under development as a registered company, and we aim to develop a system in which everyone is able to buy properties without converting their crypto into fiat. The idea of the NerveFlux project is to build an ecosystem where everyone will be able to buy a property or invest in property without converting cryptocurrency to fiat. NerveFlux Marketplace will list properties in Nerve and other popular coins. The Marketplace Partner Program will let real estate agencies list their properties and get exposure in the crypto world.

To accomplish this, NerveFlux has launched the $Nerve token and plans to have the Nerveflux Marketplace, NFT/Metaverse/P2E and PassiveX token coming soon Moreover, NerveFlux is incorporated in Italy opening the doors to the European market. NerveFlux Marketplace partners will be able to list their properties in popular stable cryptocurrencies, and consumers will be able to buy them without converting any crypto to fiat. Furthermore, people will be able to rent houses through NerveFlux Marketplace. The Marketplace will also allow payments with local currencies. NerveFlux intends to be that bridge between cryptocurrency and fiat currency in the real estate business.

NerveFlux Marketplace:

The goal of NerveFlux Marketplace is to expose real estate to the crypto world. There are over 7,800 cryptocurrencies and over one hundred million users. At the same time, real estate is considered one of the largest industries in the world. NerveFlux Marketplace will act as a bridge between real estate and the crypto world. People will be able to buy and invest in real estate directly as well as rent houses with their cryptocurrencies, with no need to convert to fiat.

Built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), NerveFlux Marketplace will use escrow service to provide a simplified and secure gateway to real estate investments. With BSC technology, transactions will be easier and faster as well as safer and more secure. Moreover, there will be a Partner Program where real estate agencies can list their properties in $NERVE and selected cryptocurrencies. NerveFlux will also work with local authorities and abide by regulations to provide excellent service. Last but not least, there will be a 0.5% discount on every payment made with the $NERVE token through the NerveFlux Marketplace, which ensures our clients/users get the best possible deal daily.

NerveFlux Charity Program:

The NerveFlux charity program is working on building a better world for the future. Every member of our community can participate and, thus, contribute to a better ecosystem for everyone. The charity program team will plant trees in different parts of the world to help fight climate change. Everyone who participates in the charity program will have a tree planted and tagged with their wallet address. To enter the program, all you have to do is hold on to a $NERVE token for more than 120 days, and you will automatically enter the NerveFlux Charity Program.

Early Investor’s Benefits:

There will be rewards for investors in the form of Airdrops. Every $NERVE token holder will be eligible to participate in the airdrop rewards based on the number of coins they hold. In the future, every $NERVE wallet address will get rewards in the form of $PassiveX tokens, NFTs, and $Nerve Governance coin.


After seeing all the challenges and difficulties involved with house purchases using cryptocurrency, We came up with the NerveFlux project. NerveFlux is here to offer a less stressful and more convenient way of buying property using cryptocurrency.